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How exactly do you interact with investors? For example, an aspiring startup comes to you with an idea. Then do you find the right investor for him or her?
Reply: We find an investor for the start-up, and in some cases we take on the financing of the project ourselves.
Does your company invest in the business development itself, or do you only act as an intermediary between the start-up and the investor?
Reply: Both interactions work
What ways of interaction do you suggest? For example: messengers, Skype/Zoom, telephone.
Reply: In the first stage, the interaction is only through mail and a questionnaire from the website.
Do you provide initial counseling? Is it free of charge?
Reply: We are ready to conduct an initial free consultation, as well as ready to send the presentation regulations.
Specify the scheme of interaction. For example: application - meeting, consultation - idea analysis, recommendations - investor search - approval, contracting - disbursement of funds.
Reply: Application - analysis - consultation, advice - investor search - disbursement of funds - project launch.
Do you get any interest if the case pays back the investment?
Reply: Yes, the percentage depends on the conditions under which the investment was received.
What targeted action should a visitor take on a website? For example, leave a request for a callback.
Reply: The target action is the "fill in the questionnaire" button, which will take you to the expanded questionnaire on a separate page.
Do you only work with ready-made ideas or do you also offer your own options?
Reply: Yes, we only work with ready-made ideas.
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